Monday, 9 November 2009

On street parking ...

One of the things that can be a real difficulty around here is the large amount of on street parking, due in part to the nature of the housing, Victorian and Georgian houses with no drive ways or garages.
This can cause some difficulty when cycling as you need to allow a distance from the vehicles to avoid opening car doors. it also means that when cycle lanes are provided they often pass on the outside of the parked vehicles but immediately adjacent.

 Here is a typical road leading to the town centre with parking both sides. not much traffic but a different story at rush hour.
The few occasions that I came across anything similar around Assen they seemed to overcome it by running the cycle lane inside the cars, and usually with a separating kerb.

there are even worse situations in Leamington where echelon parking has been implemented. here the cars park nose in to the kerb at an angle and cycling behind these is extremely dangerous.
the photo below shows a wide road just round the corner from where I live that used to be the road of choice to cut into town and for my sons route to school, but then they put in echelon parking to satisfy the demand for parking from the residents. This was despite protests from cycling groups. the out come is no one rides this way any more...

Of course if there were better facilities perhaps there would be less cars and then less parking and .....

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