Friday, 13 November 2009


One difference from Assen is that Leamington Spa has a river, but then Assen has canals, Leamington also has a canal.
The problem with the river Leam is that it cuts Leamington in half, the early development of the Spa took place South of the river and is now the old town, a bit more run down than the posher north side. I live south of the river and the main shopping is north so have to cross it frequently.
There are only really three bridges that link the old town and the north side, two road bridges and one pedestrian bridge. One of the road bridges is quite narrow and not an ideal way to go. The other at the bottom of Parade - the main shopping street - has painted cycle lanes but is still not too pleasant. i will return to the story of that bridge in later posting.
The way a lot of us cycle in is over the pedestrian bridge which is pleasant but can cause some conflict if you don't take care. Interestingly there used to be no cycling signs at each end of the pathway over the bridge but these disappeared when it was discovered that it is in fact an old bridleway which means cyclists and horseriders can use it.

The other side of the bridge there is a pathway with some interesting graffiti - meant surely for dutch riders on tall bikes!

Of course all the bridges are listed structures so cannot be altered so what would happen in Assen? well a new bridge of course!

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