Thursday, 4 March 2010

Cycle Strategy

It is a while since I posted on the blog. this is due mainly to being rather immobilized by a damaged tendon in my foot - I turned the foot on an edge and have undergone x-rays and other investigations.  it improved and then suddenly flared up again. 
So not able to really get about and take the photos i wanted to include in the reports.
So a truncated couple of items, with I hope photos to follow.

Local transport Plan for Warwickshire 2011
All local Authorities in England are at present compiling a Local transport plan and part of this is the Cycling Strategy. In the past these were re-written every 5 years but this one is intended to last for 15!
Whilst the objectives set out at the beginning seem very positive;

"to bring about an increase in the amount of utility and recreational cycling in warwickshire by improving the safety and quality of the cycling environment and promoting cycling as a healthy, sustainable and attractive transport choice"

Worthy words but hardly supported by the action plan which states such things as -

Develop dedicated cycle infrastructure on key links to town centres, employment sites, educational establishments and public transport interchanges in the following towns (see cycle network plans and area strategies for priority routes):
Leamington Spa / Warwick / Kenilworth
Nuneaton / Bedworth
These are seen as short term.

The actual Action Plan is abysmal with the majority being short to medium term with no real vision. Remember  this will form the basis for all action on cycle infra structure for the next 15 years.

No real vision, no focussed ideas and no numbers to enable measurements of any success.
With such weak vision there seems little hope that we will move to catch up on Assen at any time in the next 15 years.
Compare these proposals with those produced each 10 years in the Netherlands see david Henshaws blog for details on past 10 year plans.

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